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I Don't Mind the Sun Sometimes

17 April
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Stuff About Josh.
1)I love racing of all kinds
2)I Help work on a rececar
3)I love hanging out with friends
4)I have never had a girfriend(although trying to change that)
5)I love all kinds of music(especially techno,opera and Japanese videogame soundtracks)
6)I don't have many friends
7)Almost all of my inner circle of friends are girls
8)I have a friend who is the leader of the "nazi bunnies" I am the little suportive black one
9)Peoplpe think I'm weird
10)I think things through before doing them(most of the time)
11)My driving has been known to scare some people
12)I work at a library(not near as exciting as it sounds)(the pay is good though)
13)I tend to correct people
14)I have successfully stopped biting my nails
15 I love anything from Japan
16)I think Japan is better than here
17)I love veggietales
18)I'm tring to stop swearing
19)My best friend is a veggetarian
20)I like to help friends
21)I love Final Fantasy
22)I love to read(fantasy books rock)
23)I love the Harry Potter series although book 6 was a letdown
24)I have some strange friends
25)I have been known to care too much
26)I hate goths
27)I need a life
28)I think sleep is evil
29)I drive like a maniac yet I drive safe
30)My joints are messed up and pop constantly
31)I love videogames
32)I still ride my bike on a regular basis
33)I really want to race when i get older
34)My best friend is a girl
35)people think I should date my best friend
36)Most of the video games I play are racing games
37)My favorite animal is probably bunnies
38)I rarely go to bed before midnight
39)I used to rollerblade a lot as well as aggresive skate
40)aggressive skating is why my jounts are all messed up
41)Every joint in my body grinds
42)I once lost 15 pounds in 3 days because I was sick and trying to work out for wrestling
43)After that my body almost shut down and I was almost hospitalized
44)I have quite wrestling because of that incident which is the other reason my joints suck
45)I love kids
46)I want kids in the future
47)very few people beleive i am going to wait until i'm married to have sex
48)I love when people doubt me so they look like idiots when they are proven wrong
49)I will admit i am wrong if i am
50)I have seen someone die
51)I hate funerals
52)I hate hospitals
53)I love conspericies
54)I have never broken a bone
55)I am a southern baptist
56)I have often been told i'm a redneck or hillbilly because of my love of racing
57)My reply to insults is to just ignore them the person they are coming from is an idiot
58)I am a very quite person until you get to know me
59)I am still afraid of the dark but only if i'm alone
60)My biggest fear is being lonely followed very closely by spiders
61)I am easily worried
62)I am very open with my best friend and thats about it
63)I commonly talk to girls about girls I like
64)I like to have a feminine opinion on a lot of things
65)I am a huge band geek
66)I have been to band camp
67)I resent American Pie's band geek jokes
68)I play tuba in all the bands at school
69)My favorite tv show is Iron Chef
70)I can only cook a little
71)I love sushi and ramen
72)I love tomboys
73)I am hardly ever home
74)I talk to my best friend almost every night usally until well after midnight
75)I am very kind
76)I daydream more than i dream whn i'm asleep
77)I have a pretty short attention span
78)I am a plethera of useless information
79)I talk to myself
80)I love to sing
81)I often lead music at my church
82)I never lie
83)I have a fairly good understanding of the feminine mind
84)I am in touch with my feminine side but i am not gay
85)people often question if i am gay or not
86)I am told that I am a very sweet person on a regular basis
87)I often wonder what if...
88)i beleive in ghosts, bigfoot the lochness monster
89)I know what the Nasca Lines really where (hint not alien runways)
90)I think area 51 is total bull
91)I can explain the Easter Island heads and Stonehenge
92)I beleive the goverment may suck but we can't be anarchists
93)I do not think Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction
94)bush jr. just wanted to finish what daddy started
95)i hate politics
96)i think science is a waste of money yet it is very needed
97)i really want a girlfriend but i can live without one
98)i am really picky about what i look for in a girl (looks do not matter)
99)99 is my second favorite number (00 is my favorite)
100)I can't beleive i came up with a list of stuff this long about me
101)i am very odd at times
102)i have had makeup put on me and i didn't mind (i thought it was cool)
103)i have had my nails painted and didn't really care
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